Statistics for Belize

Publishing Tool# of sites using this toolMarket-share (%) 
WordPress 16368,20BUY
Joomla! 177,11BUY
DataLife Engine 125,02BUY
Drupal 104,18BUY
Bitrix Site Manager 93,76BUY
Magento 62,51BUY
Sitefinity 52,09BUY
ShopOS 31,25BUY
vBulletin 31,25BUY
Bluefish 20,83BUY
TypePad.Com 20,83BUY
PrestaShop 10,41BUY
UmiCMS 10,41BUY
Blogger 10,41BUY
Adobe Experience Manager 10,41BUY
HubSpot 10,41BUY
CMS Danneo 10,41BUY
e107 10,41BUY

Total number of sites with identified tool in this country/region:239

Crawler Status

Total # of sites in index84 492 805
# of sites with identified tool14 327 349
# of tool checks last 24 hrs1 587 370
# of new sites last 24 hrs203 353


WordPress8 792 731
Joomla!1 167 334
Drupal657 425
TYPO3341 629
Blogger320 074
Updated: 2017-02-24 17:00 CET