Statistics for Kenya

Publishing Tool# of sites using this toolMarket-share (%) 
WordPress 28744,63BUY
Joomla! 26541,21BUY
Drupal 355,44BUY
Koha 152,33BUY
DSpace 91,39BUY
FrontPage 60,93BUY
Sharepoint 30,46BUY
Open Journal Systems 30,46BUY
LimeSurvey 20,31BUY
Lotus Domino 20,31BUY
DokuWiki 20,31BUY
DNN 20,31BUY
CMS made simple 20,31BUY
Tapestry Application Framework 10,15BUY
HTML Tidy 10,15BUY
Open Conference Systems 10,15BUY
SilverStripe 10,15BUY
Webflow 10,15BUY
MediaWiki 10,15BUY
OpenOffice 10,15BUY
CoffeeCup 10,15BUY
Notepad 10,15BUY
Microsoft Word 10,15BUY

Total number of sites with identified tool in this country/region:643

Crawler Status

Total # of sites in index84 021 736
# of sites with identified tool14 497 230
# of tool checks last 24 hrs1 359 727
# of new sites last 24 hrs332 855


WordPress8 826 461
Joomla!1 173 782
Drupal660 674
TYPO3384 739
Blogger318 362
Updated: 2017-02-21 01:00 CET