Statistics for Pakistan

Publishing Tool# of sites using this toolMarket-share (%) 
WordPress 30958,96BUY
Drupal 8516,22BUY
Joomla! 5911,25BUY
FrontPage 254,77BUY
Sharepoint 71,33BUY
DNN 71,33BUY
Koha 71,33BUY
Lotus Domino 30,57BUY
nopCommerce 30,57BUY
Microsoft Visual Studio 20,38BUY
Moya 20,38BUY
WYSIWYG Web Builder 20,38BUY
Magazine3 10,19BUY
Open Journal Systems 10,19BUY
My Web Pages Starter Kit 10,19BUY
Mozilla - Netscape 10,19BUY
CMSimple 10,19BUY
CommunityServer 10,19BUY
Chameleon 10,19BUY
Magento 10,19BUY
Open Conference Systems 10,19BUY
Webflow 10,19BUY
vBulletin 10,19BUY
Discuz 10,19BUY
Web Page Maker 10,19BUY

Total number of sites with identified tool in this country/region:524

Crawler Status

Total # of sites in index86 632 143
# of sites with identified tool14 626 455
# of tool checks last 24 hrs849 224
# of new sites last 24 hrs126 701


WordPress8 996 270
Joomla!1 171 059
Drupal665 108
TYPO3339 994
Blogger334 275
Updated: 2017-03-23 10:30 CET